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Kashiwaya 3 Michelin Star Osaka Nov 2017

I visited Kashiwaya for Kaiseki Lunch on the last leg of my solo Shikoku-Osaka Nov 2017 trip. Wanted to try a 3 Michelin Japanese Kaiseki Ryori to see what it was like since Kashiwaya was so highly regarded.

Very beautifully presented meal filled with Autumn colours. It was a pity I wasn’t able to enjoy the meal much as I ate too much the night before and made the mistake of having breakfast too. Would have been more enjoyable if I wasn’t feeling stuffed.

A meal there wasn’t cheap, that’s why I went for lunch as dinner would be even more costly. I paid JPY19,008 (~SGD231.80) for the middle Kaiseki option out of 3 options available. Just checked Kishiwaya‘s website and their Kaiseki meals are priced at JPY17,600 / JPY28,600 / JPY38,500 at time of this post. Wow! Prices sure have gone up!

If you’re willing to splurge, consider giving Kishiwaya a try. It didn’t get 3 Michelin star for no reason.


Kashiwaya Autumn 2017 Kaiseki Lunch Menu:
  1. Sakizuke (Crab, land caviar mixed with red chrysanthemum, Mizuna green, Yuzu citrus strings, Ginger flavoured vinegar sauce)
  2. Nimonowan (Scallop cake with various nuts and cloud ear, Turnip, Grilled fried Shiitake mushroom, Sweet potato, carrot, Green stem, Pine needle yuzu citrus)
  3. Otsukuri (Sea bream, Tuna, Squid, Bofu, Water pepper, Chrysanthemum, Wasabi, carrot, radish)
  4. Iimushi (Steamed rice with autumn salmon, Soy marinated salmon roe, Yuzu citrus)
  5. Hassan (Mackerel-sushi, Ginger pickles, Baked Chinese cabbage cooked in sake, Pickled ricotta cheese with Wasabi / Sesame dressed persimmon, Watercress, Maitake mushroom, Sesame / Chrysanthemum greens, Rikyu-fu, Egg yolk mustard vinegar sauce)
  6. Yahimono (Salty grilled yellowtail with sudachi citrus flavoured grated radish)
  7. Hiyashimono (Yuba jelly, Nameko mushroom, dashi soup, Grated ginger)
  8. Hachimono (Duck ball, Taro, Spinach, Yuzu citrus strings)
  9. Gohan (Chazuke with sea bream and plum, Macrophyll, Sesame)
  10. Mizumono (Wine flavoured pear, Grapefruit with milky wine sauce)
  11. Kashi (Kasane & Frothy Green Tea)


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