• Keisuke Tokyo Ramen Dining
    Food,  Singapore

    Keisuke Tokyo Ramen Dining RWS Review

    I took my Mum out to Sentosa last week as she wanted to visit Madam Tussauds. After the visit, we decided to check out Resorts World Singapore (RWS) for dinner options. After checking out the other dining options at RWS…

  • Sō Ramen
    Food,  Singapore

    創 Sō Ramen Breadtalk IHQ Review

    My brother took us out for lunch together with my nephew last Saturday. We headed to Tai Seng as the area would be less crowded on a weekend. We checked out a number of food places as we walked from…

  • Shimbashi Soba Paragon
    Food,  Singapore

    Shimbashi Soba Paragon Review

    After walking past Shimbashi Soba at Paragon for so many years, I finally decided to try their soba. I couldn’t get over having bad soba at Healthy Soba IKI and needed a decent one to restore my hope that one…

  • Le Shrimp Ramen
    Food,  Singapore

    Le Shrimp Ramen Paragon Review

    My friend, PY, has been strongly recommending Le Shrimp Ramen Paragon Tea-Time Saver Set to me for a few months. I was interested to try but I don’t usually go to Paragon; it was also difficult to arrange as the…

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