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    JRPass.com – Affiliated Website

    My first affiliated website! 😄 JRPass.com is a website that allows you to purchase JR Rail Pass and regional JR Passes. They also offer pocket Wifi rental and Meet & Greet services. So what does it mean by affiliated website?…

  • Tsuru no Yu Outdoor Onsen
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    Let’s Onsen, Ling!

    I had my first Onsen experience in 2014 at Sheraton Grande Hotel in Miyazaki. By then I had already visited Japan a couple of times and thought it was time I try out Japan’s famous Onsen culture. I was quite…

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    Should I drive in Japan, Ling?

    You’re wondering if you should drive in Japan for your next trip as you’ve visited Japan many times and/or want to explore outside the cities and off the beaten path. Before you drive in Japan, there are a couple of…

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    Car rental in Japan, Ling?

    Now that you’re sure you want to do a road trip in Japan for your next holiday, how do you go about car rental in Japan?   Topics covered in this post: International Driving Permit Where to rent a vehicle?…

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    Japan Volunteer Guide Service

    I first came to know about Japan Volunteer Guide service many years ago when a friend used their service in Nara. I thought it was a wonderful way to have interactions with the locals and see Japan through their eyes;…

  • Yamato Takkyubin Luggage Delivery Form
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    Japan’s Takkyubin Luggage Delivery Service

    I discovered Japan’s Takkyubin luggage delivery service a couple of years ago and never looked back after that. It is such a useful service and made travelling lighter. Once I almost couldn’t get off the train on time when travelling…

  • Japan Food Tips
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    Japan Food Tips, Ling?

    When you’re travelling in Japan, it is quite easy to find food especially in big cities and tourist spots. It’s only in the rural countryside where there may be concerns but if you have a car, that can be easily…

  • Uni Nijo Fish Market Hokkaido
    Food,  Japan,  Travel Tips

    Where to eat Uni in Hokkaido, Ling?

    The best and most convenient places to eat Uni are the Seafood Markets in Hokkaido, where it’s often the freshest and most reasonably priced. Even if you can’t go Hokkaido, Seafood Markets in Japan are generally where you should head…

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