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    JRPass.com – Affiliated Website

    My first affiliated website! 😄 JRPass.com is a website that allows you to purchase JR Rail Pass and regional JR Passes. They also offer pocket Wifi rental and Meet & Greet services. So what does it mean by affiliated website?…

  • Ishigaki
    Japan,  Travel

    Ishigaki – Yaeyama Islands, Okinawa Prefecture

    Ishigaki was my first stop flying in from Singapore via Tokyo (Haneda Airport) for my WESN Epic Hana Chase across Japan 2018. Ishigaki is the 2nd biggest island in the Yaeyama Islands after Iriomote. It’s also the gateway to the…

  • Itinerary,  Japan,  Travel

    Yaeyama Islands, Okinawa Prefecture

    I started my WESN Epic Hana Chase Across Japan 2018 at Yaeyama Islands in Okinawa Prefecture. This was where I could visit the Westernmost and Southernmost inhabited locations in Japan. I was not much of a beach person but Okinawa…

  • Taizanso Ryokan
    Japan,  Lodging,  Travel Tips

    Ling’s Japan Lodging Reviews List

    These are all my personal Japan lodging reviews based on the experiences I had at the time of my stays in Japan. It is likely your stay experience will differ from mine as my needs and requirements are different from…

  • WESN Epic Hana Chase
    Japan,  Travel

    My WESN Epic Hana Chase across Japan 2018

    My WESN Epic Hana Chase Across Japan 2018 started with a yearning in 2017 – of going on a long solo trip in Japan, longer than my usual 1.5-2 weeks holidays. At that time, I had been working for many…

  • Gion Nishikawa
    Food,  Japan

    Gion Nishikawa 2 Michelin Star Kyoto Dec 2016

    Photo video of a visit to Gion Nishikawa back in Dec 2016 with my friend, SY. We went for the middle priced Kaiseki Omakase dinner course at JPY17,820 (~SGD237.60 as the exchange rate was pretty high that year). Quite a…

  • Kashiwaya
    Food,  Japan

    Kashiwaya 3 Michelin Star Osaka Nov 2017

    I visited Kashiwaya for Kaiseki Lunch on the last leg of my solo Shikoku-Osaka Nov 2017 trip. Wanted to try a 3 Michelin Japanese Kaiseki Ryori to see what it was like since Kashiwaya was so highly regarded. Very beautifully…

  • Fujiya 1935
    Food,  Japan

    Fujiya 1935 2 Michelin Star Osaka Nov 2017

    Decided to create a video of my Lunch at Fujiya 1935 during a visit in Nov 2017. It’s quite a awhile ago and I don’t remember clearly enough to write a full review. I visited Fujiya 1935 on the last…

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