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Sanook Kitchen Funan Review

We came across Sanook Kitchen Funan while browsing for a lunch venue at Funan Mall. The Daily Set for 2 poster caught our eyes and as we haven’t had Thai food for awhile, Mum agreed to dine there. Sanook Kitchen Funan was not too crowded yet when we were there about noon on a weekday. The staff showed us to a table after we had our vaccination status checked and performed a Safe Entry check in.

We were given the menus and served a small bowl of popcorn, complimentary of Sanook Kitchen Funan. After browsing the menu, I decided to go ahead with the Daily Set for 2 as I was too lazy to decide which dish to order. The staff asked if we like to have water and informed us water was free at no additional charge. It was really good to hear that as many places now charged for water. I ordered warm water for Mum and cold water for myself.


Sanook Kitchen Funan Menu

Besides the Daily Set for 2 promo at SGD28.90++, Sanook Kitchen Funan also offered a Weekday Value Set for 1 at SGD6.90++ (2 choices of main plus a Thai Ice Milk Tea). The promotions should be available at their other branches as I saw the same posters at Sanook Kitchen Jewel Changi.

There was plenty of choices on the menu and prices were very reasonable too. Though at time of viewing the menu, I was expecting small portions at those prices.

I thought the Thai Super Bowls options were interesting and it seemed to be a new thing as I saw something similar at another Thai restaurant. Probably following those Mala fish ideas.

Sanook Kitchen Funan Thai Super Bowls Menu


Our Daily Set for 2 Lunch
Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables with Mushroom
SGD5.90 on ala carte menu

The Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables with Mushroom was served rather quickly which surprised us. I took a look and commented to Mum that it looked salty and that we might get thirsty after the meal. Well … looks were deceiving. The vegetables (Kailan, Long Bean, Young Corn and Carrot) were fresh and crunchy, just the way we liked it, with enough seasoning to make it tasty. The fresh mushroom soaked in all the flavours and didn’t have that moldy taste. I was expecting a tiny portion but that was a good size for 2-3 pax. The photo didn’t do it justice. Mum and I thought the plate was interesting – like a woven basket.


Green Curry Seafood
Not on the ala carte menu. Am guessing price is around SGD9.90 since it contained seafood as the price for Green Curry Chicken is SGD7.90 and based on the Prawn Omelette price.

This is the first time we tried Green Curry Seafood as most of the time it’s with chicken. The Green Curry Seafood had a good colour to it and not those super weird green colour that some restaurants serve. The green curry gravy was thick enough to coat the rice grains beautifully. Mum said the rice was a little bit too Q, but I thought it was just nice to go with the gravy. We would have finished up the gravy if we had more rice.  There were 2 pieces of prawns, 2 big pieces of fish meat, a couple pieces of squid, long beans and brinjal. The seafood was fresh and not overcooked. So shiok! 😋 Mum said she could tell that we weren’t going to get thirsty after the meal.


Deep-fried Chicken with Thai Herb
SGD5.90 on ala carte menu

Next came the Deep-fried Chicken with Thai Herb, which looked a little sad in that big plate with a tiny lettuce leaf. It was a little on the salty side, but was quite delicious with the herb seasoning and the meat was still juicy. This dish would go really well with a cold glass of beer.


Prawn Omelette
SGD9.90 on ala carte menu

The Prawn Omelette came with a spicy and sour dipping sauce. The prawns were fresh and there was a bit of bean sprout under the omelette. I thought the omelette was a little oily but Mum said if there wasn’t enough oil to fry the omelette, it wouldn’t get that crispy edges and fluff up the omelette. The sauce helped to cut down the oiliness and gave it a bit of kick.



Service at Sanook Kitchen Funan was good and food was served very quickly and pipping hot. There were only 2 wait staff servicing the customers in the dining area. One of the staff, Jack, was doing so many tasks – checking vaccination status, showing customers to their seats, serving free popcorn and drinks, making the popcorn, taking orders and ringing up the bill. He seemed to be all over the restaurant, moving very fast but always polite to customers. When I mentioned to him that he seemed extremely busy, he only replied that it’s important to provide good service to the customers. Totally impressed with such a dedicated staff and exceptional service. Couldn’t see any manager around to provide feedback but Jack’s getting a big star ⭐️ in this post.

The restaurant was packed and there was a queue by the time we finished our meal. Could see it’s a favourite for many.  Sanook Kitchen Funan also had a discount for people working around the area for takeaway lunch orders. I overheard Jack asking a takeaway customer if he was working nearby and offered him the discount. Very proactive!



Sanook Kitchen FunanI paid SGD34.02 (SGD28.90 plus service charge and GST) for the Daily Set for 2 which consisted of 4 dishes and 2 plain rice. I did a quick calculation of what it would cost ordering the dishes individually. There’s probably a savings of around SGD5 (~15% before service charge and GST).

We were expecting small size dishes based on our past experience with Thai restaurants that charged low prices. The portions served, for the Daily Set for 2, could easily feed 3 persons with an extra order of rice (SGD1.00). We only managed to finish the vegetables and green curry, and had to pack back half the fried chicken and prawn omelette. There was a table of 3 ladies next to us who ordered the Daily Set for 2 and added an order of rice, 2 other dishes and 3 drinks. They were probably a lot hungrier than us.


Final Verdict

Sanook Kitchen FunanMum and I thought the meal at Sanook Kitchen Funan was worthwhile. Food was hot and delicious, reasonable prices and good service.  We only had 1 refill of a small glass of water and didn’t feel thirsty throughout the day after lunch, definitely no MSG. Sanook Kitchen opened the Funan branch recently and has other branches spread across the island (saw a branch at Jewel Changi).

Mum said can dine there again. Will probably order ala carte to try other dishes and if with a bigger group, I might try Sanook Kitchen Funan’s Thai Super Bowls menu. Saw a few customers enjoying their Thai Super Bowls. Would love to bring my friend there as they have a Vegetarian option but need to wait till she’s vaccinated first!


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