About Ling!

Hello! Thanks for visiting Eat & Travel, Ling!

I’m Ling, an avid foodie traveller from Singapore. After visiting various countries across 5 continents, Japan is easily my favourite country to visit and revisit.

I’ve been visiting Japan regularly over the last decade and it feels like a second home to me. Many have asked me to work in Japan since I liked it there so much. However, working there and going on holidays are 2 very different things. The expectation the locals have and treatment of you as a fellow salaryman vs that of a tourist is very contrasting too. It’s a nicer experience being a tourist and my Japanese friends can attest to that.

All my trips to Japan are Free & Easy and self-planned, except my first 2 visits (on transit and business trip). In 2018, I embarked on my dream, a 3 months Solo trip which I called My WESN Epic Hana Chase Across Japan. On this trip, besides chasing Hana, I travelled and ate my way from Okinawa all the way to Hokkaido. I even visited the furthermost 4 inhabited corners of Japan. One day, I hope to make another long trip across Japan but to chase Koyo (Autumn Colours) instead.

I started this blog mainly to share my love of Japan and to provide guidance so others can plan their own Free & Easy trips to this country. There’s a lot of information online, and it can be rather daunting not knowing where to start. So check my Travel Tips.

I will occasionally share some Singapore foods and sights on this blog as well as other travels I’ve done.

So, join me on my journeys to See and Taste the World!

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