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Ling’s Japan Travel Tips!

Check out Ling’s Japan Travel Tips and plan your own great Free & Easy trip to Japan! These tips were curated from her years of travelling Free & Easy to Japan.


Where to Stay, Ling? – Brief introduction to types of lodging/stay available in Japan!

Lodging Tips, Ling? – Here’s some ideas on where to search, what to consider and how to select the right stays for your trip!

Food Tips, Ling? – Suggestions to fit every budget and where to get food!

Ling’s Comprehensive List of Official Japan Tourism Websites – Here’s where to start your Japan trip planning search!

Should I drive in Japan, Ling? – Find out more about driving in Japan!

Car Rental in Japan, Ling? – Information and Ling’s tips on car rental in Japan!

Japan’s Takkyubin Luggage Delivery Service – Travelling across Japan with lots of luggage? Learn about Japan’s Takkyubin luggage delivery service for a light, easy and hands free trip!

Japan Volunteer Guide Service – Learn more about Japan Volunteer Guide Service (what they offer, where to find them and how to engage them) to make your Japan trip memorable!

Let’s Onsen, Ling! – Let Ling tell you more about Onsen, what to expect and learn the manners and etiquette!


Ling’s Japan Travel Tips will be updated as and when she has more great tips!

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