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Ling’s Comprehensive List of Official Japan Tourism Websites

I was searching for specific prefecture information while planning a future trip. As I bookmarked the sites, it occurred to me there would be others who might search for the same information. My bookmarks are only known to me. I thought, why not share the list where it would be easier for all to access. They could shorten their search time and don’t have to go through what I did.

Thus, began my search for and effort to document a comprehensive list of 47 Prefectures Official Japan Tourism Websites. I only kept the list to official Japan tourism websites; they are likely to provide comprehensive information about the location they are promoting and not be selling reader tours. I did included a couple of non-official websites that I thought were good.

I hope this comprehensive list of official Japan tourism websites would assist to ease your Japan trip planning research. Bookmark this post for easy reference and don’t forget to check Ling’s Japan Travel Tips too!

Please refer to this link for the map of Japan’s 8 regions and 47 prefectures if you’re not sure where they are located.


List will be updated as and when I’m aware of new sites. If you know of any other official Japan Tourism sites not listed here, do let me know.
RegionPrefecturesOfficial Websites for Japan Local Tourism Promotion
Whole of JapanWhole of JapanTravel Japan - Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)
Japan Guide - though not an official Japan government supported website, it's a website that provides wide ranging information that I used regularly when planning my trips
Cruise Port Guide of Japan - Tourist Information at each Port such as places of interests and food
"The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan" Union - for an off-beaten path, check this site for beautiful Japanese villages to visit
HokkaidoHokkaidoGood Day Hokkaido
Hokkaido Travel Net
Welcome to Hokkaido - right side column
Rebun Island Tourist Association
Wakkanai Sightseeing Information
Wakkanai Official Travel Guidebook
The Wonders of Wakkanai WOW! 50
Nayoro City
Abashiri Tourism Association
Kitami Sightseeing Association Official Site
Shiretoko Vacation
Kushiro - Lake Akan Travel Guide
Asahikawa Tourism
Biei Tourism Association
Furano Index
Takikawa Tourist Information Center
Obihiro City Tourism Guide Book
Welcome to Sapporo
Otaru Tourism Association
Niseko Japan
Niseko Resort Tourism Association
Toyako Onsen Tourism Association
Hakodate and Southern Hokkaido Tourist Guide
TohokuAomoriapinet Aomori Sightseeing Guide
Hirosaki Tourism and Convention Bureau
Official Oma Tourism Website
Tsugaru Navi
Goshogawara City Sightseeing Site
Kuroishi Tourist Association
Travel Towada
Visit Hachinohe
Travel to Tohoku
TohokuIwateVisit Iwate
Visit Hachimantai
Morioka-Hachimantai Wide Tourist Area
Miyako Tourism Cultural Exchange Association
Hanamaki Tourism Association
Kamaishi City Portal Site
Ichinoseki Hiraizumi Area Tourism Guidebook
Travel to Tohoku
TohokuMiyagiVisit Miyagi
Discover Sendai
Higashimatsushima Tourist Association Official Website
Your Higashi-Matsushima Guidebook
Kurihara Sightseeing Portal Site
Tourist Information - City of Tome
Shiroishi Sightseeing Navigation
Travel to Tohoku
TohokuAkitaVisit Akita
Stay Akita
Oga Akita Sightseeing Guide
Welcome Noshiro
Sightseeing Information Semboku City
Experience Japanese Rural Life in Semboku, Akita!
Tourist Guide Daisen City
Nikaho City Tourism Information
Travel to Tohoku
TohokuYamagataYamagata Prefecture Government
Welcome to Yamagata
Welcome to Yamagata alternate site
Sakata Tourism
Experience Shinjo
Tsuroka City - The Official Website
Yamagata Arcadia Tourism Bureau
Yonezawa Sightseeing Navigation Site
Travel to Tohoku
TohokuFukushimaFukushima Travel
Real Fukushima
Welcome to the Koriyama Area
Visit Aizu
Samurai City Aizuwakamatsu
Travel to Tohoku
KantoIbarakiIbaraki Guide
Bloom! Mito City
Discover Hitachiota
Hitachionaka City Sightseeing Guide
Chikusei Tourist Association
KantoTochigiWelcome! Visit Tochigi
The Official Utsunomiya Travel Guide
Official Website of Shiobara Onsen
Ashikaga City Tourist Information
KantoGunmaVisit Gunma
Takasaki Tourism Association
Numata Tourism Association
Shibukawa Ikaho Onsen Tourism Association
KantoSaitamaSaitama Prefecture
Saitama Japan Just North of Tokyo
Chichibu Omotenashi
Honjo Sightseeing Association
Higashimatsuyama Tourist Information
Welcome to Kawagoe
KantoChibaChiba Prefectural Government Tourist Guide
Narita City Tourism Association
Izumi Navi
Minamiboso Tourism
Tokyo Day Trip Chiba Peninsula
Tateyama City Tourist Information Office
Tateyama Tourism Pamphlets
KantoTōkyōGo Tokyo
Tokyo Tourist Information
Central Tokyo for Tourism
Tokyo Tokyo Old meets New
Shinjuku Guide
Authentic Tokyo - Taito City
Taito City English Site
Taito City Navi
Visit Minato City
Ota City Japan
Ota City Tourist Information Center
Adachi Tourism Net
Toshima City Tourism Association
Koto Excursion Information Service
Tachikawa Bureau of Tourism
The Official Hachioji Travel Guide
Fuchu Official Visitor Guide
Tokyo Eleven Islands
Tokyo Ai Land
Tokyo Islands - scroll down the homepage for links to the respective Island Tourism Homepage
KantoKanagawaKanagawa Travel Guide
Yokohama Official Visitor's Guide
Kamakura Visitor's Guide
Visit Kamakura
Hakone Japan
Miura City Sightseeing
Little Trip Odawara
ChubuNiigataEnjoy Niigata
Welcome to Niigata City
True Sado
Sakata Tourism
Tainai Tourist Information
Tourism Sanjo Area
Nagaoka Tourism Navi
Ojiya Tour Guide
Unonuma Tourist Association
Visit Minamiuonama
Yuzuwa Town Tourism
Kashiwazaki Tourist Information
Miyoko Tourism
Discover Itoigawa
ChubuToyamaVisit Toyama
Tourist Information in Toyama
Toyama Net
Takaoka Tourism Portal Site
Hida Toyama Ishikawa
ChubuIshikawaThe Golden Destination
Ishikawa Prefectural Government
Wakura Onsen
Kanazawa Official Tourist Information Guide
Explore Komatsu
Komatsu Travel Navigation
Kaga and Hakusan
Hida Toyama Ishikawa
ChubuFukuiFukui Tourism Guide
Awara City Tourism Association
Sakai Tourism & Convention Guide
Sightseeing Guide of Sakai City
Katsuyama Tourism Gateway
Introduction of Tourism in Ono City
Echizen Tourism Navi
Tsuruga Guide
Kyoto City Official Travel Guide
Obama City Travel Guide
Visit North Kansai
ChubuYamanashiOfficial Travel Guide Yamanashi
Visit Kofu
Greatest Samurai Kofu City Official Travel Guide
FujiKawaguchiko Tourist Information
Visit Hokuto
The Peach City Fuefuki
Minami-Apls City Sightseeing Association
Fujiyoshida City
ChubuNaganoGo Nagano
Nagano City Official Travel Guide
Travel Nagano - this site contains links to a number of tourism related web sites in Nagano, Japan
Shinshu-Iiyama Tourism Bureau
Iiyama City
Visit Karuizawa
ChubuGifuVisit Gifu
Beautiful Gifu City
Hida Takayama
Visit Hida
Gero City Tourist Information
Welcome to Gero-shi Visitor Information Site
Tabi Tabi Gujo
Welcome to Gujo Hachiman
Visit Seki Official Guide
Hida Toyama Ishikawa
ChubuShizuokaShizuoka Guide
Explore Shizuoka
Shizuoka Guide Links - Links to Official Websites of Cities / Tourist Associations / etc in Shizuoka Prefecture
Visitor Guide to "Sumpu" Shizuoka City
In Hamamatsu.com
Hamamatsu Tourism Guide
Visit Atami
Izu Usami Onsen & Coast Tourist Information
Izu City
Shimoda Tourist Association
Fujisan Tourism & Communication Bureau
Fujinomiya Travel Guide
ChubuAichiAichi Now
Visit Nagoya
Castle Town Inuyama Japan
Inuyama Tourist Information
Visit Toyota City
Osazaki Navi
Nishio City Tourism
Tahara City Tourist Guide
KansaiMieVisit Mie in Japan
Mie Travel Guide
Visit Tsu City, Japan
Iga Official Travel Guide
Matsusaka City Tourist Information Center
Ise Tourist Information
Shima Tourist Information Guide
Visit Iseshima
Ise-Shima Guide
Visit Ise Shima Toba
Ise Shima National Park Toba city tourism information site
Kumano Travel
Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau
Shingu City Tourist Association
KansaiShigaShiga Biwako
Biwako Otsu Travel Guide
Visit Hikone
KansaiKyōtoKyoto Tourism
Kyoto City Official Travel Guide
Explore Kameoka
Visit North Kansai
Visit Northern Kansai
Amanohashidate Tourism Association
Visit Kinosaki
Visit Kyotango
KansaiŌsakaOsaka Info
Official Website The Shopping District Dontonbori
Takatsuki Official Travel Guide
Sakai Tourism & Convention Guide
Yao City Tourist Information Center
Welcome to! Kawachinagano.
KansaiHyōgoHyogo Tourism Guide
Official Travel Guide of Kobe
Hyogo Hokusetsu Tourism Guide
Awaji Island Touristm Guide
Aioi Tourism Website
Kobe City & Hyogo Pefecture Unofficial Tourism Website
KansaiNaraOfficial Nara Travel Guide
Nara Travelers Guide
Nara Visitor Centre & Inn
Yamato Unknown Origin
Kashihara Tourism Information
KansaiWakayamaThe Official Wakayama Travel Guide
Kumano ~Katsuura . Taji
Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau
Welcome to Gobo City, Japan!
ChugokuTottoriTottori Tourism Guide
Kurayoshi Tourist Information
Chizu Tourist Association
Chizu Express Wayside Guide
Yonago Tourist Guide
Sakaminato Sightseeing Guide
Daisen Guide
ChugokuShimaneShimane | Explore Unfamiliar Japan
Visit Shimane
Yasugi City Tourist Guide
Visit Izumo
Iwami ~Exploring Unfamilar Japan~
Iwami Travel Guide
Masuda City Tourist Information Center
ChugokuOkayamaOkayama Prefecture Official Tourism Guide
Okayama City Travel Guide
Kurasaki Visitor's Guide
Official Tourism Website of Tatsuyama City
Niimi City Official Tourism Site
Matatabi Kasaoka
ChugokuHiroshimaVisit Hiroshima
Explore Hiroshima
Miyajima Tourist Association
Fukuyama Hiroshima Tourism Guide
Tourism Division - Fukuyama-shi Homepage
Onomichi City Tourist Information
Setouchi Finder
Takehara Hiroshima Tourism Guide
Hatsukaichi City
ChugokuYamaguchiYamaguchi Travel Guide
Yamaguchi City Tourism Information
Yanai Tourist Association
Visit Hofu
Hagi Sightseeing Guide
Visit Nagato
Shimonoseki Sightseeing Guide
ShikokuTokushimaTokushima Tourism
Tourism Tokushima Prefecture
Komatsushima Navi
Nishi-Awa Tourism Area
Oboke Iya Tourist Navigation
Tourism Shikoku
ShikokuKagawaVisit Kagawa
Experience Takamatsu
Sakaide Tourism Association
Official Website of the City of Sakaide
Marugame City Official Website
Tourism Shikoku
Setouchi Finder
ShikokuEhimeVisit Ehime
Matsuyama Sightseeing
Niihama Sightseeing Website
Imabari City Tourism Map
Imabari City Tourist Information Links - Scroll down on the Homepage for the links
Uwajima City Official Sightseeing Guide
Tourism Shikoku
ShikokuKōchiVisit Kochi Japan
Muroto UNESCO Global Geopark
Shimanto City Tourism Association
Tosashimizu Tourist Organization
Tourism Shikoku
KyushuFukuokaFeel Fukuoka
Crossroad Fukuoka
The Official Guide to Fukuoka City
Sightseeing, Culture and Products | Fukuoka Prefecture
Visit Kyushu
KyushuSagaSaga Trip Genius
Sage City Tourism Information Center
Journey Karatsu
Kashima City Tourism Website
Kashima City Official Travel Guide
Visit Kyushu
KyushuNagasakiDiscover Nagasaki
Welcome! Visit Nagasaki
Sasebo/Ojika Travel
We are Matsuura Tourism and Local Products Association
Discover Hirado
Unzen Tourist Association
Visit Kyushu
KyushuKumamotoOfficial Kumamoto Tourism Guide
Kumamoto City Official Guide
Aso Tourism Portal Site
Yatsushiro Tourism Portal Site
Amakusa Tourist Association
Hitoyoshi Travel
Visit Kyushu
KyushuŌitaDiscover Oita
Oita Tourism
Tourism NakatsyYabakei
Usa CIty Tourism Association
Information Kitsuki Japan
Beppu City Tourist Information
Oita City Tourist Association
Yufu Tourist Information
Yufuin-Onsen Tourism Association
Tsukumi City Tourism Association
Saiki Tourism Encyclopedia
Visit Kyushu
KyushuMiyazakiThe Official Miyazaki Prefecture Travel Guide
Miyazaki Prefecture Sightseeing
Explore Nobeka
Saito City Tourism Association
Visit Miyazaki City
Kobayashi City Tourism Association
Nichinan City Official Tourism Site
Visit Kyushu
KyushuKagoshimaKagoshima Travel Guide
Kagoshima Visitor's Guide
Visit Kagoshima City
Izumi Navi
Akune City Tourism Site
Kirishima City Tourism Association
Minamisatsuma Tourism
Kanoya City Tourism Association
Yakushima: A Visitor's Guide
Yakushima Town
Amami Tour Guide
Yoron Island Tour Guide
Visit Kyushu
KyushuOkinawaOfficial Website of Okinawa Prefecture
Visit Okinawa
Naha Navi
Zamami Tourist Information
Visit Ishigaki
Yaeyama Visitors Bureau
Yaeyama Islands

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