Butcher's Block Carte Blanche Beef
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Butcher’s Block Carte Blanche

I decided to splurge a little during my Raffles Hotel Singapore Staycation – The Suite Life and picked Butcher’s Block for their Carte Blanche – Chef’s surprise menu for the whole table. As there was only 2 of us, ordering à la carte would mean we could only taste a few items, or the meal would end up very costly with leftovers. As part of the Staycation promo, guests get 15% discount at Raffles Hotel’s restaurants.


First Impression

We were a little high from our Singapore Sling when we reached Butcher’s Block which is located at the Raffles Hotel Arcade side. Butcher’s Block interior was dimly lighted; good for romantic encounters but a little dim to see the food well. I had lights on my side of the table and was able to see the food better.

As we’re not drinkers, we went for Sky Juice (water) when they asked for our drink choices. The staff then served us Miso sourdough bread with Olive Oil. The miso flavour was very light and I didn’t think it was anything special. I would advise not to eat too much bread as it might make you full and unable to finish the course meal.

With much anticipation, we waited to be served the first dish.


Anchovy on Crispy Crystal Bread

Butcher's Block Carte BlancheThey served us an amuse-bouche of Anchovy on Crispy Crystal Bread to start the course. It was an interesting texture in the mouth. The amount of anchovy was a little too much for the small piece of amuse-bouche. I had to drink quite a bit of water to wash away the salty taste.


Scallop with Madagascar Pepper sauce

Butcher's Block Carte Blanche ScallopSuch an interesting presentation of this dish. The scallop was very fresh and sweet, and the roe tasted delicious too. We loved the Madagascar pepper sauce and how fiery it tasted as it went down the throat. So good! Really Shiok!

Erm… yes, I did try the seaweed under the shell. I don’t think I was supposed to do that!


Razor Clam with Basil Sauce and Artichoke Chips

Butcher's Block Carte Blanche Razor ClamMy Mum and I really liked this appetiser. The Razor Clam was very sweet n crunchy and the lemony Basil sauce was amazing.  The Artichoke Chips added a nice slightly bitter crunch to the dish. For my dish, they didn’t clean it properly as I bit into some shell pieces. That aside, it was a very enjoyable appetiser.


Australian Crayfish Grilled on the Barby with Satay Sauce; served with Luffa, Cherry and Flower Salad in Satay Sauce

Chef Rémy Lefebvre himself served us this course. The crayfish was cooked perfectly, tender and juicy; very succulent with a hint of satay sauce. Way better than the steamed lobster I had at Burger & Lobster, and many times more enjoyable.

The luffa, cherry and flower salad was quite interesting. It seemed like a cold dish with satay sauce, olive oil drizzle and sprinkled with crunchy tiny peanut brittle. The flower tasted bitter on its own, but when eaten together with the luff and cherry, it blended in well.

I combined the crayfish and luffa salad and ate them together, but it didn’t quite work well. Guess they weren’t supposed to be eaten together.

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