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Kai Duck

My cousin, LL recommended Kai Duck at Ngee Ann City for our gathering. She had dined there before and enjoyed their dishes. We were up for it as we had not dined there before.


Glutinous Rice Tea with Pickles and Towel – $2.80 each

Kai DuckThe staff recommended the Glutinous Rice Tea as we didn’t want anything with caffeine. The “tea” was nice, lightly sweeten with a roasted flavour. The drinks prices were inclusive of the pickles and towel charges. The staff provided us with the wet towel packs but only 1 small dish of pickles for the 4 of us.


肉碎四季豆 Stir-fried Green Bean with Minced Pork – $14.80

Kai Duck French Bean with Minced PorkI chose this dish as I’d always enjoyed French Beans with Minced Pork. The dish was seasoned just right and had wok hei. Everyone enjoyed this dish and thought it’d go very well with a bowl of rice.


冰川脆茄子 Crispy Eggplant – $10.80

Kai Duck Crispy EggplantThe Crispy Eggplant was served next. However, I didn’t eat this dish till much later. They had served the Peking Duck fusion dishes rather quickly, and I thought to eat those first before the Peking Duck skin got soft.

It was quite a while later by the time I got to the Crispy Eggplant. There was still some crispiness and it was lightly salted. It went well with the Braised Beef Brisket sauce which gave it additional flavour.


Peking Duck Fusion Dishes

LL suggested to try the fusion style Peking Duck dishes as she enjoyed them. We readily agreed since it was a new restaurant for the rest of us. We were looking forward to the fusion take on the Peking Duck as they all looked rather interesting on the menu.


玉米酱脆饼伴片皮鸭 Sliced Peking Duck with Crackers – $19.20 (S$4.80/piece, min 4 pieces)

Kai Duck Sliced Peking Duck with CrackersI had high hopes as I ate this fusion Peking Duck dish. I couldn’t taste the Peking Duck skin, both taste and texture wise. Not sure what type of cracker it was, but the cracker texture overtook the Peking Duck skin. I could only feel the crunchy cracker. The Plum Sauce was nice, but there was too much of it that it oozed unto my fingers when I took a bite. I felt like I was eating crackers with plum sauce. The Peking Duck was there, but I couldn’t taste it. I was quite disappointed and hoped the other 2 Peking Duck fusion dishes were better.

My cousins seemed to enjoy it. MX said she liked the crunchy cracker.


沙律片皮鸭汉堡 Mini Burger with Peking Duck Salad – $19.20 (S$4.80/piece, min 4 pieces)

Kai Duck Mini Burger with Peking Duck SaladNext, I tried the mini burger with Peking Duck salad. I didn’t like this either and felt I was eating a duck meat toasty. There was too much Plum/Sesame type salad dressing for that little toasted burger. LL was looking for a bun with the crispiest Peking Duck skin. I didn’t think it would make a difference as the Peking Duck Skin seemed to disappeared again under all the other ingredients.


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