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Fujiya 1935 2 Michelin Star Osaka Nov 2017

Decided to create a video of my Lunch at Fujiya 1935 during a visit in Nov 2017. It’s quite a awhile ago and I don’t remember clearly enough to write a full review.

I visited Fujiya 1935 on the last leg of my solo Shikoku-Osaka Nov 2017 trip. My friend, SY and I had tried to make a reservation in 2015 but were not successful. Thus I was quite happy to get the reservation.

Fujiya 1935 uses ingredients from all over Japan and creates new dishes that were a sight to behold and still tasted great. I really enjoyed the meal and won’t mind going back for another visit to see what other surprises Chef Tetsuya Fujiwara could create. Loved the ambience and decor at Fujiya 1935. Such a Zen calming and relaxing feel.

1935 refers to the year Fujiya was first opened as an Udon restaurant. Chef Tetsuya Fujiwara took over the family business and turned it into a Michelin Star Restaurant together with his wife

I paid a total of JPY8,243 (~SGD100.52) inclusive of 8% tax for my lunch, a pretty good deal then. I recently checked on Fujiya 1935’s website and lunch is now going for JPY14,000+10% tax at time of this post. Wow! Almost double the price I paid back in 2017. Probably have to rethink the second visit. Hmm… 🤔

Hope you enjoy the video on Fujiya 1935.


Autumn 2017 Omakase Lunch Menu:
  1. Lily Root (from Hokkaido) and Botargo Warm Flan
  2. Pumpkin Bread with Air Bubbles
  3. Autumn Truffle Caciovallo New Brown Rice
  4. Soft Roe of Cod from single-hook fishing (from Hokkaido) and Yuzu Citrus
  5. Snow crab (Shibayama Hyogo) Black Beans Mimolette Cheese
  6. Nanatani Duck (from Kyoto) Shitake Mushroom Turnip
  7. Pear (Comice from Gumma) Sorbet
  8. Walnut Choux Pastry


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