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Sushiro Isetan Scotts Nov 2020 Visit Review

Yes, I went to Sushiro Isetan Scotts again as my craving for sushi come back! Also, my cousin told me there was Shirako. I wanted to eat Sushiro’s seasonal items, try out a few “kiddy” items that my nephew likes and also some of their non-sushi items. There are readers with young children and I’m sure they would like to know if there are any sushi that appeals to children.


Sushiro App

For this trip, I made reservation for Sushiro Isetan Scotts a few days in advance. I quite like the app as it was easy to use and also provided reminder notifications of my reservation.

I finally figured out what they did for the check in thing as well! When you arrive at Sushiro, go to the monitor that’s at the entrance. Key in your queue number and press Submit/OK. That would let them know that you have arrived and your number gets added on to the queue. That way, Sushiro doesn’t have to call out queue numbers where the customers have still not arrived.


Seasonal Sushi

I started with the seasonal sushi. This season is good for Crab, Monkfish (Anglerfish is a type of Monkfish) and Shirako (Cod Sperm/Milt).

Out of the 5 crab sushi, I only ordered 2 types. I wanted to order the Deep Sea Red Snow Crab later but Mum was already full. 1 of the seasonal item was Giant Crab Stick Tempura, I didn’t fancy paying that much for fake crab meat.

I had tried Monkfish Liver in Japan and loved it so much. Thus, I definitely had to order the Monkfish Liver Gunkan. What arrived didn’t look like the picture. In the picture, the liver was cut into small cubes, while the actual Gunkan was mashed up Monkfish Liver. Mum was a bit skeptical, but enjoyed it after tasting it. The Monkfish Liver was very creamy and very fresh, there wasn’t any funny taste. Absolutely delicious.

The Stacked Snow Crab used the lower section of the crab legs. There were about 6 pieces on the stack. I tried one on its own and tasted the sweet juiciness of the crab leg. Mum thought it was pricey.

I was looking forward to the Shirako (Cod Sperm/Milt). The Shirako was fresh but it wasn’t creamy enough, a little disappointing. The Ponzu Jelly was not enough and didn’t give the Shirako sushi enough flavour. I should have order a saucer of ponzu sauce for the sushi.

The Chilli Crab Gunkan was surprisingly good. Yes, it did taste like eating Singapore chilli crab. I really enjoyed this yummy sushi.


Kids’ Delights

My nephew told me that he would order 4-5 plates of the Beef Meat Ball sushi. So I decided to try and taste for myself why he liked it so much. I tried a bite of the Beef Meat Ball and it was surprisingly good. Quite tasty and a nice beef texture. The Beef Meat Ball came with some mayonnaise on top of the sushi rice. I added more mayonnaise to it and popped the rest of the Beef Meat Ball sushi into my mouth. Great taste and texture when chewing. I could see why he liked it. I won’t mind having a hamburger made with the Beef Meat Ball.

Since there was a Chicken Meat Ball, I ordered that as well. The Chicken Meat Ball was tender, flavour was good and combined well with the sushi rice. However, I preferred the Beef Meat Ball texture which had more bite. I couldn’t quite seperate the texture of the chicken when chewing it together with the sushi rice.

My nephew also likes Corn Mayo and Crab Stick Salad. I spotted the Kids Trio option which had both the Corn Mayo Gunkan and Crab Stick Salad Gunkan, plus an Inari sushi; quite a good deal for S$2.20. I like Inari so this trio set worked well for me. After tasting all 3, I would say it kept my inner child happy. I won’t mind ordering this Kids Trio again. 😋


Regular Menu Sushi

The Baby Scallop Gunkan had a kick as it was spicy and the scallops were quite sweet too. I forgot I tried the Toasted Cod Roe and Cream Cheese sushi previously; also the menu photo looked so different so I mistakenly ordered it. When it came, then I recalled having tried it on my second visit. The Cod Roe tasted really salty this time though.

The Mopo Eggplant sushi was the only vegetable sushi on the menu and I thought I aught to give it a try. The Eggplant (Brinjal) was deep fried with a small dollop of Mopo Meat sauce. Yes, small dollop; I wished they put more Mopo Meat sauce. After splitting between 2 sushi, there really wasn’t a lot. The Eggplant was piping hot, so be careful when putting it into your mouth. Mum also felt the Eggplant was a little oily. It was tasty but more Mopo Mean sauce would made it even better.

I like sweet shrimp so ordered the Sweet Shrimp Gunkan. The shrimps were sweet but they only place a small blob of mayonnaise on the gunkan. Again trying to split it between 2 gunkan meant there was really hardly any mayonnaise taste. Mum requested for Octopus and I found one with the nice Basil Cheese sauce I liked. Compared to the other sushi with Basil sauce, the Octopus with Basil Cheese wasn’t as nice. The Octopus was a little cold, if it was heated up a little more, it would have tasted better.


Miso Soup with Clams

My cousin, LL, said the prawn noodles (that’s what she called it!) was good. I wanted to order the Ebi Noodles, but Mum said she was getting full, so I ordered the Miso Soup with Clams to try. Sushiro transported the Miso Soup in an interesting bowl. The locked top prevented the soup from spilling as it went on the conveyor and also kept the soup hot.

There were about 6 clams in the soup with lots of Wakame (seaweed). The clams were fresh, no funny off taste. Mum and I both thought the Miso Soup was rather salty. Also, it was lacking the appetising clam flavour in the soup.



As the last piece of Octopus with Basil Cheese sushi wasn’t as satisfying, I decided to get a dessert. After looking through the menu, I chose Hattendo Earl Grey Pudding. Mum like Earl Grey and I like pudding, a great combination if done right.

The Hattendo Earl Grey Pudding came in a little cute plastic bottle. I was surprised to discover it was made in Singapore by Hattendo Cafe. The pudding was so smooth and not too sweet.  The Earl Grey fragrance and taste were just nice and not overpowering. A good dessert and I wanted more.

So I ordered 1 more – Mille Crepe Melba. A thin slice of Mille Crepe placed on top of Hokkaido soft serve ice cream; with a side of chopped up frozen strawberries and whipped cream; drizzled with strawberry sauce and condensed milk. The Millie Crepe was on the dry side as it split into smaller pieces when we tried to cut it with the spoon. The condensed milk made it very sweet. I liked the frozen strawberries and the strawberry sauce with the Hokkaido soft serve ice cream.


Dakkozushi Collectibles with Every 3 Stamps

As this was my 3rd visit and I got my 3rd stamp on the Sushiro Stamp Card, I was able to redeem the Dakkozushi Pass Case. There were 7 designs and I chose the Panda and Ikura (Salmon eggs) design.

The more visits and stamps you get, the bigger the prizes for redemption.



Sushiro IsetanWe paid S$63.09 for 17 items. We ordered 6 plates @S$2.20, 6 plates @S$3.20, 2 plates @S$4.80, 1 soup @S$2.50, 1 dessert at @S$4.30 and 1 dessert at @S$4.80.


Final Verdict

3rd visit and I still managed to eat new items that I’d not tried on my last 2 visits, except for Toasted Cod Roe. I think Sushiro really has a lot of options to meet anyone’s taste buds. Surprisingly the “kiddy” sushi were quite good as well. I would probably skip the Miso Soups as it’s too salty for me. The desserts are worth taking a look; I might want to try the Parfait next. I’m looking forward to more Winter seasonal sushi as there are a lot of delicious and fatty seafood in this season.


Ling’s Tip
  • Order the condiments like ginger, mayonnaise and ponzu sauce upfront so that you have them when you need them.


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