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Cafe Kuriko Funan Mont Blanc Review

After lunch at Sunook Kitchen Funan, Mum and I walked around Funan Mall and came across Cafe Kuriko Funan. I saw the video of a freshly made Mont Blanc at the entrance and decided we had to try it. It reminded me of the freshly made on the spot Mont Blanc we recently saw on Waku Waku channel.

My aim was for the Mont Blanc so didn’t really take a look at their meals and drinks menu.

There were 2 choices for the Mont Blanc base – Chestnut or Cheese. I decided for the full Chestnut flavours, best to get the Chestnut base. Pardon the last photo that looked a little messy as wanted to show the whole Chestnut that was hidden under the Kuri (Chestnut) paste. Was pleasantly surprised to find that.


How they make it

Someone ordered the Purple Sweet Potato Mont Blanc and I got to see how the staff made it on the spot. Well technically, everything was already pre-made, the staff just assembled the Mont Blanc after the customer ordered. Guess that way the ingredients don’t dry out as much from being displayed in the chiller.



The Waguri Mont Blanc cost SGD16.63 (SGD13.90 plus service charge and GST). Rather expensive as one could get freshly made Mont Blanc (just not on the spot) for a lower price. JW360 at Jewel charges SGD9.00++ while Châteraisé Premium store – YATSUDOKI charges SGD8.50 (not sure if there’s ++) for their locally made Mont Blanc.

It was also slightly more expensive compared to a freshly made on the spot Mont Blanc desert place in Tokyo that we saw on Waku Waku channel. SGD13.90 inclusive of service charge and GST would be a fairer price for what we ate.


Final Verdict

Cafe KurikoThe Mont Blanc at Cafe Kuriko Funan was a very enjoyable dessert with different texture and nice chestnut flavours. 😋 Would I eat it again? Definitely, but only if someone else pays for it! 😝

Cafe Kuriko Funan is part of the Japan Food Holdings (JFH) group of restaurants and also serve Fruit Paradise dessert pies and tarts.


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