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Lodging Review – Taizanso Ryokan, Shuzenji, Izu, Shizouka

Splurge and enjoy a ryokan stay with onsen and delicious food!

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Taizanso Ryokan (ねの湯 対山荘)


Shuzenji, Izu, Shizouka Prefecture

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Western Style Twin Beds with Japanese Tatami Area and Private Bath/Toilet

Stay Date:

1 Apr 2015

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Highly Recommended

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I paid JPY43,700 for 1 night for 2 pax with half board

About Taizanso Ryokan

I decided to splurge a little on the Izu Peninsula Road Trip with my friend, SY, for our last night in Izu Peninsula. There were many other ryokans around Suzenji Onsen area to meet different budget needs. Taizanso Ryokan was towards the higher end price range but not the most expensive. Getting to the free parking area for Taizanso was quite easy as there were signages as we got closer to the ryokan.

The interior of Taizanso Ryokan was tastefully furnished and bathed in warm lights. There were bamboo and rock gardens surrounding the property, creating a relaxing environment for Taizanso’s guests.


Our Room at Taizanso Ryokan

I had booked one of the larger rooms at Taizanso Ryokan – Western style twin beds with a tatami area where more futons could be placed for a larger group of guests. SY and I really liked the spacious room and the layout. The room was simply decorated, giving off a relaxing Zen feel; even the room key was unique.

I liked that our room’s attached toilet and bath areas were all separated, including the sink area. That allowed SY and I to use any of them without having to wait for each other. We like the bathroom as it had a cypress bathtub and pine panels which gave a nice spa smell. SY enjoyed soaking in the cypress bathtub.


Taizanso Ryokan
Indoor Onsen

Our room was on the opposite end of the Onsen bath area. To get there, we had to walk along a long corridor in our Yukata.


Taizanso Ryokan’s onsen area wasn’t huge but they had both indoors and outdoors onsen baths. Luckily we went on a weekday so it wasn’t crowded and I was able to have the whole bath to myself when I went to the onsen. The weather was just nice for an onsen bath and the bath waters were at the right temperature too.


Meals at Taizanso Ryokan

I had booked our stay with half board which meant dinner and breakfast were included in the price.


We were quite surprised by the dinner at Taizanso Ryokan. SY and I enjoyed the dishes as many were new to us and the flavours were great. It was fun grating fresh wasabi though a lot of hardwork.

There were elements of fusion in some dishes which created the surprise. Innovative flavours tantalised our tongues. The Chawamushi (Steamed Egg Custard) was made with an Italian flavour fusing nicely with the Japanese dish. Portions might look small, but after eating up every dish, we were quite filled up.


With dinner being that delicious, breakfast was no exception. Such a nice surprise to have lobster miso soup with the Japanese style breakfast in the morning.


What I like about the lodging:

Beautiful ryokan with nice facilities and we even had a soaking tub in our bathroom!

Nice and friendly staff providing wonderful service. SY and I felt really pampered staying at Taizanso Ryokan.

Food was delicious and quite innovative. Dinner was an interesting Kaiseki, introducing us to new dishes and flavours. We thoroughly enjoyed both dinner and breakfast.

SY and I liked the relaxing and zen environment of Taizanso Ryokan and had a great stay there. The room was great and beds were comfortable.  All in all, we had a wonderful stay and enjoyed ourselves very much. It was a memorable stay for SY and me; we would gladly stay there again.


What I wish it could improve on:

Outdoor onsen was a little small, suitable for 1 or 2 people. If more than 2 people using, the outdoor onsen would feel rather crowded. The wifi was quite weak in our room which was at a corner of Taizanso Ryokan.

A little pricey for the Western style room compared to their Japanese style futon room, but I guess you get what you paid for. We got a big room with a living area where more futons could be placed if it was for a party of 4.


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