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Kai Duck

沙律片皮鸭手卷 Peking Duck Salad Hand Roll with Seaweed – $23.20 (S$5.80/piece, min 4 pieces)

Kai Duck Peking Duck Salad Hand Roll with SeaweedI guessed my expectations of the fusion Peking Duck dishes were too high. The hand roll came with lots of Japanese Sesame Salad dressing and other things that distracted from the Peking Duck Skin. There was too much dressing, making it very salty.

My pain point was the Peking Duck skin got totally lost in translation with the fusion Peking Duck dishes. It was not the main star in any of these 3 dishes. The crackers, the mini burgers, the hand rolls, dressings and everything else took away the Peking Duck’s limelight. Kai Duck lost the star of the show to all the sidekicks in their eagerness to transform the Peking Duck. I didn’t think anyone would have noticed if the Peking Duck Skin was removed from the fusion dishes. This is where I think less would have been more.

I guess I’m a traditional Peking Duck girl, where the original style of a simple wrap with a sprig of spring onion, a thick julienne of cucumber and a dab of Hoisin Sauce would have completed the dish beautifully and let the Peking Duck Skin remained the brightest star.

I was the odd one as my cousins seemed to enjoy the fusion take. So, try their fusion Peking Duck dishes and form your own opinions.


石锅萝卜牛腩 Braised Beef Brisket with Radish served in Hot Stone – $16.80

Braised Beef Brisket with RadishAll of us loved the Braised Beef Brisket, especially the radish pieces which had absorbed the delicious sauce. We could eat this on its own without rice as it wasn’t overly salty. We left an empty claypot as we scooped out every bit of the sauce to eat with the Crispy Eggplant as well.

My Mum would love this and the French Bean with Minced Meat with a bowl of rice.


煎蚝烙 Pan-seared Oyster Omelettes – $14.80

Oyster OmeletteThis was a let-down. Firstly, the picture in the menu looked more appetising than the actual dish. Taste wise, there was nothing to wow about. It was just a plain egg dish with no sparks. We didn’t even finish this dish as no one was keen. I would not recommend ordering this if you eat at Kai Duck.


乾坤海鲜沙锅泡饭 Poached Rice with Seafood served in Hot Pot – $16.80

The Poached Rice came in a separate bowl from the Seafood broth and the staff stirred in the rice at the table. I thought it would have been better if we were to stir in the poached rice ourselves so that we get a chance to eat the crispy rice. The rice had softened by the time we each got a bowl but the tasty seafood soup did infused the rice.



We paid a total of S$172.78 (service charge and GST inclusive). The dishes were quite reasonably priced. As expected at most Chinese restaurants, they charged for tea, pickles and towel. I do think they could afford to give another small dish of pickles considering it was chargeable and there were 4 of us.


Final Verdict

I like that most of the dishes were not too salty and we didn’t feel thirsty after dinner. They served the dishes rather quickly. We couldn’t eat fast enough so some dishes were a little cold by the time we got to them. If you’re eating there, consider ordering a few dishes at a time or arrange with the staff to serve the dishes much slower. Unless  you’re eating rice with the dishes, then you’d want the dishes to be served together.

Kai Duck Chopstick HoldersThe service was good as the staff were very friendly and attentive. The staff who took our orders, even advised our orders were enough to prevent over ordering. The auntie refilled our tea promptly and even helped to take photos.

Would I dine at Kai Duck again? Yes, I would but would just order the traditional Peking Duck and skip the fusion style Peking Duck dishes. I want to be able to savour and enjoy the crispiness and flavour of the Peking Duck skin without any unnecessary interference. I would also like to try Kai Duck’s Dim Sum, available for lunch and tea.


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