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    JRPass.com – Affiliated Website

    My first affiliated website! 😄 JRPass.com is a website that allows you to purchase JR Rail Pass and regional JR Passes. They also offer pocket Wifi rental and Meet & Greet services. So what does it mean by affiliated website?…

  • Taizanso Ryokan
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    Ling’s Japan Lodging Reviews List

    These are all my personal Japan lodging reviews based on the experiences I had at the time of my stays in Japan. It is likely your stay experience will differ from mine as my needs and requirements are different from…

  • Tsuru no Yu Outdoor Onsen
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    Let’s Onsen, Ling!

    I had my first Onsen experience in 2014 at Sheraton Grande Hotel in Miyazaki. By then I had already visited Japan a couple of times and thought it was time I try out Japan’s famous Onsen culture. I was quite…

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    Should I drive in Japan, Ling?

    You’re wondering if you should drive in Japan for your next trip as you’ve visited Japan many times and/or want to explore outside the cities and off the beaten path. Before you drive in Japan, there are a couple of…

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    Car rental in Japan, Ling?

    Now that you’re sure you want to do a road trip in Japan for your next holiday, how do you go about car rental in Japan?   Topics covered in this post: International Driving Permit Where to rent a vehicle?…

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    Japan Volunteer Guide Service

    I first came to know about Japan Volunteer Guide service many years ago when a friend used their service in Nara. I thought it was a wonderful way to have interactions with the locals and see Japan through their eyes;…

  • Yamato Takkyubin Luggage Delivery Form
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    Japan’s Takkyubin Luggage Delivery Service

    I discovered Japan’s Takkyubin luggage delivery service a couple of years ago and never looked back after that. It is such a useful service and made travelling lighter. Once I almost couldn’t get off the train on time when travelling…

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