Butcher's Block Carte Blanche Beef
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Butcher’s Block Carte Blanche

Kinmeidai Fillet with Anchovy, Pine Nuts and Salsa Sauce and Lemon Compote; served with Sweet Onion in Chestnut, Tarragon and Caviar Sauce

When they brought the fish and said it was Kinmeidai, I got very excited. I had tried Kinmeidai in Japan and really enjoyed eating this tasty fish. While the deboned fillet looked beautiful on the plate with the salsa sauce and lemon compote; it didn’t taste that great on the tongue. There was a fishy taste as the fish wasn’t quite fresh. The fish was rather bland; the pairing with the lemon compote and salsa sauce helped cover this up. I really like the lemon compote as it livened up the flavours. The deboning process wasn’t thorough, and we were picking out some fish bones as we ate.

Butcher's Block Carte BlancheThe onion was very sweet on its own, and the chestnut, tarragon and caviar sauce gave it salty buttery flavour. The onion wasn’t to be eaten with the fish even though it was served together.

Mum was getting full by then, so I asked the staff if we could pack her portion of the meat course and dessert to take away.


Beef with Roasted Pepper Sauce, Basil Sauce and Pepper Paste

Butcher's Block Carte Blanche Beef

I was not sure what cut the beef was. Though it seemed lean, it was quite juicy and flavourful. The roasted peppers were very sweet. It was very tasty when I mixed the pepper paste, basil sauce and roasted peppers and ate them with the beef. The basil sauce seemed to be the same as the one used for the razor clam. I really enjoyed the beef. My Mum had the beef the next day and she also agreed it was tasty.


BBQ Fig with Chestnut Honey and Ash Flavoured Ice Cream

Butcher's Block Carte BlancheThis was the dessert that came with our Carte Blanche course. It had a rather unusual flavour as the ice cream really had an ash taste. I guess it was an interesting dish in its own way. I wish the fig was sweeter though.


This is not a Crème Brûlée with Lemon Sorbet, Basil, Orange Zest

One of the staff came over to our table to enquire on our dinner while the Fig and Ice Cream was being served. He asked if we wanted cheese and I politely declined as we were rather full. The staff then informed us the restaurant was giving us another dessert on the house. Their gesture pleasantly surprised us.

They served us their house specialty dessert – This is not a Crème Brûlée with a side of Bing Cherries. The fluffy foam tasted like Crème Brûlée and had lemon sorbet and candied orange peels hidden below. It was quite interesting eating it and discovering different flavours and texture underneath. We ate the cherries after dipping them into the fluffy foam. It was Yummy!

No matter how full we were, there was always space for desserts!


We were not done yet! Petit Four – Chocolates and Madeleines

Butcher's Block Carte BlancheI thought we were done after 2 desserts. They then served the smallest madeleines I’d ever seen, and 2 chocolates shaped like Peanuts. The madeleines were moist and sweet while the chocolate was very smooth with sweet and bitter flavours mingled together. A nice end to dinner.



I guess what you pay is what you get. The Butcher’s Block Carte Blanche is priced at $198/person excluding tax and service charge. After the 15% discount, I paid S$396.18 for 2 Carte Blanche course.

As we don’t really drink, I don’t have any comments on the wine – reviews or prices. If you drink, do expect the bill to be higher.


Final Verdict

I like the Carte Blanche course at Butcher’s Block. It was quite exciting anticipating what would be served next. Do try the Madagascar pepper sauce as it’s very good. The fish was a disappointment as it was bland and fishy. Service was good and the staff were friendly. It was nice of them to offer us their house specialty dessert on the house. It helped to complete the dinner nicely as the other dessert wasn’t enough to hit the spot.

Butcher’s Block temporary stopped their table for 8 persons course due to Covid-19 regulations. That would be something interesting to try when they bring it back. Butcher’s Block would be a good place to celebrate a special occasion. I would like to go back but at different time to sample different seasonable produces.


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