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Sushiro Isetan Scotts 2nd Visit Review

So… I went back to Sushiro Isetan Scotts for sushi. Had developed a craving while writing the previous Sushiro review.


Sushiro App

This time I decided to try the Sushiro app to make a reservation as I was going for late lunch on a Friday. I anticipated some crowd as it happened to be Children’s Day and families would be out and about. First, I tried to make advance booking but couldn’t get a slot for the timing I wanted. I thought to try my luck walking in again. On the day itself when I reached Orchard MRT, I used the “I’m going now [Reception]” and chose the table seating option. The app gave me a queue number with a waiting time of 15mins, shorter than expected. Just nice timing as it took me awhile to walk over to Isetan Scotts.

Upon reaching Sushiro, I had to do a check in which the staff assisted with (no idea what he did). Within a couple of minutes, my number was called. There were people who were there before me, not sure why they had to wait longer than me since my queue number was given following the queue order.


I was quite excited when I noticed Sushiro had new seasonal items and expanded their menu.

Below were the items we ordered and ate in sequence:

The Flounder was sweet and delicious but not enough Engawa, so couldn’t quite get the bouncy crunchy texture. The Cod Tempura was crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, but somehow it didn’t quite go well with the tasty sushi rice. I wished I had requested for a saucer of mayonnaise earlier as that would helped to bring the Cod and rice together. I thought the Spear Squid was nice especially with the ginger, but Mum didn’t like the Spear Squid at all as she felt it had a weird pasty texture.

I was 2 minds about the Albacore Tuna Belly as it had a nice soft texture but the cut seemed to have some stringy ligament. I’ve a love hate relationship with Mackerel; love them when it’s done right, dislike them when it’s fishy. The Marinated Sesame Mackerel tasted lovely and was very fragrant; we both liked it. On the other hand, we didn’t like the Sardine as it was fishy, even the ginger couldn’t save it. Quite disappointing as I’d good ones before.

Surf Clam with Lemon Basil was the only sushi from my first visit that I reordered as I really liked the taste and texture. The Wasabi Engawa Fin was so good with the nice crunchy texture, but the wasabi was rather strong this time and went up our noses. As the other mackerel sushi was good, I had great expectation from the Broiled Salted Vinegar Mackerel and it didn’t disappoint.

Another disappointing item was the Striped Bonito as it was fishy too; we didn’t like it at all. The Marinated Sesame Snapper texture was good, though I wished the flesh would be sweeter. Found another keeper with the Shrimp with Basil Cheese, I really like the creamy Basil sauce used.

Mum and I liked the Spicy Herring Roe sushi as it was crunchy and seasoned well. The Torched Cod Roe with Cream Cheese Gunkan should be eaten in 1 bite to combine both the ingredient flavours in the mouth. Though Mum said there was a bit of porky taste, I thought the Roasted Pork with Green Onions was really good.

The Grilled Ginger Salmon would have been a plain grilled salmon sushi if not for the ginger sauce which helped elevated it. I think the Shrimp with Avocado should be called Shrimp with Onions instead as there were a lot more onions and too little avocado. The onions saved this sushi as they were sweet and crunchy; both my Mum and I loved it.

I ordered the Sea Urchin and Roasted Beef, hoping to end that day’s Sushiro dining experience on a high. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t good enough to be the final highlight. The Roasted Beef was tough and the Sea Urchin was not creamy and sweet. It didn’t taste good.

I couldn’t let it end on such a low note so I ordered the Fatty Tuna Collar. It didn’t disappoint and I finished my Sushiro meal with a big smile.

Fatty Tuna Collar (1 piece – S$4.80)



During my 1st visit, I was wondering why there wasn’t pickled ginger like other Kaiten sushi. Glad they have it now as Sushiro’s pickled ginger was delicious! I got an order of Mayo and Sweet Soy Sauce, thinking that it’s the Osaka style sweet soy sauce which I prefer over the Tokyo style savoury soy sauce. However, the Sweet Soy Sauce was a thicker type and didn’t taste like what I liked.



Sushiro Isetan ScottsOur bill came up to S$60.03 for a total of 19 plates, slightly cheaper than the 1st visit. We ordered 12 plates @S$2.20, 4 plates @S$3.20 and 2 plates @S$4.80. We ate more compared to the last trip but paid less as we had more S$2.20 plates.


Final Verdict

I was amazed I could eat different items from my first visit with the exception of the Ark Shell with Lemon Basil sauce. If I were to go again, I could easily try new items as their menu has expanded quite a lot. They have Ramen, desserts or other fried stuff, but I’m likely to stick to eating sushi.

Sushiro Isetan ScottsI found out the rewards card is valid for 2 years from 1st visit, which is good as it gives you a lot more time to accumulate the visits and qualify for some reward items. If you go back within a month, there is a survey on the bill that gives you S$1 off the next visit.

It seems Sushiro is planning to open a lot more stores around Singapore.  At point of writing this post, they just opened in Bedok and will be opening in Punggol Waterway soon. For me, Sushiro Isetan Scotts is still the most convenient to travel to.

Sushiro is definitely a keeper.


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