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Sushiro Isetan Scotts Review

I first heard of Sushiro last year in July, that they were opening a new store at Tiong Bahru in Aug 2019. I had planned to bring my Mum as Sushiro was having opening promotions. However, when news report of their 1st day came out, I decided to wait till it was less crowded to visit since I don’t fancy queuing for hours. Somehow as I got busy, I forgot about Sushiro.

I’m really missing Japan, especially since we had to cancel the April trip due to Covid-19. The last time I was in Japan was Mar 2019. That’s too long away from Japan considering the last few years I’ve travelled at least twice a year to Japan.

Thus, when my SIL mentioned that Sushiro now has a branch at Isetan Scotts, my interest was piped. Tiong Bahru isn’t a place I frequent, while Orchard Road was. Along with my trusty companion, my Mum, we headed to Sushiro on 20 Aug, 1 year after they opened in Singapore. Being a little Kaisu, I decided to reach there just before opening time (11am) as I didn’t want to queue.


Kaiten Sushi

Sushiro is a Kaiten Sushi – conveyor belt revolving sushi dining. They have a 60mins dining limit to allow them to turn over the seats for new customers, more than enough time to eat. Due to Covid-19 social distancing requirement, they had to reduce the number of seats during Phase 2.

We were shown to booth seats and ordering was done via the tablet or taking items off the conveyor belt. Most of the items we ate were ordered via the tablet; I only took 1 plate of Salmon Belly from the conveyor belt as there weren’t a lot of items on it. If you need extra wasabi, just order it on the tablet.


Below were the items we ordered and ate in sequence:

I ordered the triple sushi plates as the price was a better deal than to order each type of seafood separately. However, the Salmon Belly on the triple plate didn’t look as nice and appealing like the Salmon Belly only plate. Nonetheless, these sushi tasted good. I especially liked the Sweet Shrimps, Ika (Squid) and Swordfish.

The Young Yellowtail was good, though not as fatty as a winter Yellowtail. I really like the Surf Clam with Lemon Basil; the sauce lifted up the Surf Clam which otherwise would be quite bland. Nothing could go wrong with Wasabi Octopus, unless you don’t like Wasabi. Mum and I quite enjoyed it.

I liked the Surf Clam Mix Seafood Mayo Gunkan as it was creamy with the Surf Clam chewy texture. The Ark Shell was fresh and yummy, and the Grilled Eel was not overwhelmed by the sauce.

I decided to order the Steamed Scallop with Lemon Basil as I enjoyed the sauce and this was the only other item that had it; yummy as expected. The raw Scallop was sweet. The Salmon Roe (Ikura) Gunkan looked a little sad as the roes were quite small. I like popping Ikura in my mouth but being so small, it wasn’t as fun or delicious. It would have tasted better if there were more Salmon Roe topping.

The Negitoro Gunkan was very good. The plate of Salmon Belly looked more appetising and tasted better than the Salmon Belly that was served on the Triple plates. It was my first time trying Engawa (parts of muscle in a tail fin of flatfish) and I really liked it as the texture had a bouncy crunch to it (QQ).

I thought it was a little pricey for 2 thin slices of Medium Fatty Tuna (Chutoro) sashimi. The Crab Cream Croquettes were very creamy and piping hot, though the pieces were a bit small for that price.

I ended my feasting with a piece of Fatty Tuna (Ootoro) sushi. Look at that marbling 😋. I believe this photo is worth a thousand words.




We ate a total of 19 plates consisting 9 plates @S$2.20 each, 7 plates @S$3.20 each, 2 plates @S$4.80 each and 1 plate @S$3.50. Total S$65.09 included service charge and GST, averaging roughly S$3.43/plate.


Final Verdict

I think the 2 slices of Medium Fatty Tuna were a little bit miserable for S$4.80. They were rather thin and not quite medium fatty. The Salmon Roes were quite tiny in size and they could give a little more. Overall, the seafood was very fresh. I especially liked the sushi with the Lemon Basil sauce which gave them a nice twist and flavor.

I like that the rice portion was small. After eating so much, I didn’t have the uncomfortable bloated feeling in my tummy. At other Kaiten sushi in Singapore where the rice portion is bigger, I won’t be able to try so many different types of sushi and the tummy always felt heavy and bloated from the rice.

The prices were quite reasonable for the freshness we got, and service was as expected for a Kaiten Sushi place. I hope they will offer more items that are on their Japan Menu and I would visit Sushiro again to satisfy my sushi cravings. 😋


Ling’s Tips
  • Order 2 to 3 plates at a time. Don’t order too many at 1 go as they served them quite fast. You don’t want the sushi to be sitting out for too long before you eat them.
  • Consider using the Sushiro App to make reservations and check on your queue status.
  • If you’re planning to be a frequent diner at Sushiro, remember to get a Stamp Card from the Cashier and be rewarded for your visits.


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