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Gion Nishikawa 2 Michelin Star Kyoto Dec 2016

Photo video of a visit to Gion Nishikawa back in Dec 2016 with my friend, SY. We went for the middle priced Kaiseki Omakase dinner course at JPY17,820 (~SGD237.60 as the exchange rate was pretty high that year). Quite a costly dinner, but food at Gion Nishikawa was delicious and we enjoyed every single dish.

Owner-Chef Nishikawa Masayoshi did not speak one word to us or even make eye contact. He was busy entertaining his regular customers. Many online reviewers, including Japanese, mentioned this as well. I could understand why they weren’t happy as it’s a Japanese custom that the Chef/Owner greets the customers at high-end Kaiseki restaurants.

It’s also customary for the restaurant staff to walk the guests out of the restaurant and thank them for their visit. Owner-Chef Nishikawa had walked his regular guests out of the restaurant. We were the only foreigners and were served by a junior staff, and no one walked us out.

Go for the food if you don’t mind the splurge and being ignored by the Owner-Chef at Gion Nishikawa.


Giona Nishikawa Omakase Kaiseki Dinner Menu:

1st Course – Chestnut Rice
2nd Course – Fish Miso Soup with Radish
3rd Course – an array of Appetizers
4th Course – Medley of Vegetables with Grilled Fish
5th Course – Grilled Oily Fish, Grilled Cod Milt (Shirako) & Grilled River Fish
6th Course – Anago Soup with Citrus
7th Course – Mixed Seafood and Fish Skin in Vinegar Dressing
8th Course – Lily Bub Claypot Rice with Miso & Pickles
9th Course – Sorbet & Honey Dew
10th Course – Delicious Yuzu Jelly Dessert
Frothy Green Tea to end the meal


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