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Le Shrimp Ramen Paragon Review

My friend, PY, has been strongly recommending Le Shrimp Ramen Paragon Tea-Time Saver Set to me for a few months. I was interested to try but I don’t usually go to Paragon; it was also difficult to arrange as the Tea-Time Saver Set promotion is only available between 3pm to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays excluding Public Holidays.

Thus, when Mum wanted to go Paragon, I decided we had to fit in Le Shrimp Ramen even though we had late lunch at Basil Thai Kitchen.

We went to Le Shrimp at 4:30pm for an early dinner. Their staff showed us to our table and gave us 2 plastic bags for our masks and 2 Zappy wipes. I thought that was a nice gesture especially when it added to their overhead costs.


Tea-Time Saver Set Menu

Le Shrimp Ramen Tea-Time Saver Set MenuOn the menu were 6 Ramen options:

  • A1 – Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen (top up of S$2)
  • B5 – Pork Chop with Preserved Vegetable Tonkatsu Ramen (spicy/no spicy option available)
  • B6 – Crispy Chicken Cutlet Tonkatsu Ramen (spicy/no spicy option available)
  • C1 – Ebiko Prawn Paste with Chilli Vinaigrette Ramen
  • C4 – Crispy Chicken Cutlet Ramen
  • C5 – Dried Shrimp and Scallion Ramen

For the type of noodles, you could choose from Thick Vermicelli, Ramen or Rice Noodles.

2 appetiser choices:

  • Braised Beancurd in Tonkatsu Broth (warm)
  • Chilled Crunchy Cucumber

4 drink choices:

  • Taiwan Soya Bean Milk
  • Heaven and Earth Green Tea
  • Bottled Drinking Water
  • Hot Japanese Green Tea


Our Orders

Since it was our first visit, we definitely had to try the house special – Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen. I didn’t want to go with the fried cutlets options as it seemed rather boring. So I chose the Ebiko Prawn Paste with Chilli Vinaigrette Ramen as it was a dry version. We chose Ramen noodles for both options.

We selected both the Braised Tofu and the Chilled Cucumber appetisers, and the Taiwan Soya Bean Milk. I was asked if we wanted straws but I declined the offer.


Soya Bean Milk and Appetisers

Mum said the Taiwan Soya Beanmilk wasn’t as fragrant as local soya beanmilk which had pandan flavour. I thought it was okay. The Soya Beanmilk might be easier to drink with a straw as the ice pieces were small which interfered when drinking from the glass. I had to use my teeth to filter and block the ice when drinking. 😁

The Chilled Cucumber appetiser was simply seasoned with salt and garlic. Mum thought the cucumbers were rather salty and that might have contributed to our thirst after the meal. She happened to eat a piece that was coated with lots of salt. I preferred the chilled cucumber over the braised tofu as it had a nice crunch. The chilled cucumber was especially nice to eat after a mouthful of chilli vinaigrette ramen.

I didn’t think much of the Braised Tofu as the flavours were just normal and tasted better when it was hot. I think my Mum does a better Braise Tofu.


Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen (top up of S$2)

Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen soup was very fragrant, thick with strong prawn flavours. Mum liked it very much and said it was like the local prawn noodle soup. The noodles came with 2 large prawns, 2 prawn dumplings, 2 Ebiko prawn paste balls and lots of cabbage. I liked the prawn dumpling and enjoyed the very tasty soup and ingredients. 😋


Ebiko Prawn Paste with Chilli Vinaigrette Ramen

The chilli vinaigrette seasoning contained some Mala seasoning so there was a bit of a numbing taste on the tongue. Mum doesn’t like Mala seasoning, so she didn’t quite like the Ebiko Prawn Paste dry noodles. I didn’t mind it as much and quite enjoyed the noodles. The Ebiko Prawn Paste balls were interesting. I could taste the prawn flavour and enjoy the popping Ebiko scattered throughout the prawn paste balls.

The noodle portions at Le Shrimp Ramen were rather big. We tried to finish the Chilli Vinaigrette Ramen and asked if we could pack the remaining Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen, which they kindly assisted with. The uncle and 2 aunties, next to our table, shared 2 Tea-Time Saver Sets. For small eaters or if it’s just for an afternoon snack, it would be wise to share to avoid food wastage.



I paid a total of S$28.01 (inclusive of service charge and GST) for 2 Tea-Time Saver Sets which included a top up of S$2 for the Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen. That’s S$14 per person for a Main noodle, a side dish and a drink. Very value for money deal at a restaurant!


Final Verdict

Wished I had tried Le Shrimp Ramen earlier. The Tea-Time Saver Set is very good value considering the noodles are full size portions. The only drawback is the promotion is only available between 3pm to 5pm, Mondays to Friday excluding Public Holidays. Thus, not many people can enjoy this offer. I did read under the fine print on the menu that as long as the order is made before 5pm (even at 4:59pm), the offer still stands.

Le Shrimp RamenWhile the food was tasty and filling, we did get thirsty after that and had to drink lots of water. Quite surprised by this especially when we had Thai food for lunch earlier and didn’t feel thirsty from that. We had thought it was the Prawn soup, but I had the leftovers another day and didn’t feel thirsty. Mum said could be the chilled cucumbers while I suspected it could be the Mala and Chilli Vinaigrette dressing for the dry ramen. Nevertheless, I still think Le Shrimp Ramen is worth trying especially for the Tea-Time Saver Set.

Do note that Le Shrimp Ramen Tea-Time Saver Set is only valid for dine in and not takeaway. I’m not sure if this offer is available at other Le Shrimp Ramen locations as their website made no mention.


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