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Basil Thai Kitchen Paragon Review

Update: Sadly, Basil Thai Kitchen at Paragon closed their doors on 15 Aug 2021. On their FB page, it’s mentioned they are taking a hiatus from the F&B landscape. Hopefully they will be back someday.


Mum wanted to go Paragon, so we decided to check Paragon’s basement for lunch suggestions. We walked around and saw Basil Thai Kitchen’s Thai-licious Weekday Mix & Match promotion and decided to eat there. The restaurant was quite packed with lunch crowded.


Basil Thai Kitchen’s Thai-licious Weekday Mix & Mix

Basil Thai Kitchen Thai-licious Weekday Mix n Match PromoThe Thai-licious Weekday Mix & Match promotion consisted of 1 Main Course + 1 Starter for S$12.90++.

4 options were available for the mains:

  • Red Tom Yum Seafood Glass Noodle Soup
  • Sweet & Sour Fish with Jasmine Rice
  • Royal Green Chicken Curry with Jasmine Rice
  • Seafood Pineapple Fried Rice.

There were also 4 options for starters:

  • Tofu Square
  • Clear Tom Yum Seafood Soup
  • Mango Salad
  • Fried Herbal Chicken.

For S$2 more, customers could add on choice of Thai Iced Milk Tea or Lemongrass (Hot/Iced).


Our Lunch Choices

Knowing my Mum’s preferences, I decided on Royal Green Chicken Curry with Jasmine Rice and Red Tom Yum Seafood Glass Noodle Soup with Mango Salad and Fried Herbal Chicken as starters. We decided to add on an order of Thai Iced Milk Tea and requested for a glass of plain water as well.


The Starters and Thai Milk Tea

We both liked the Mango Salad as the sour, sweet and savoury flavours combined very well with the julienned mango. The peanuts were crunchy and the onion slices quite fragrant when chewed on. There were a lot of chilli padi and I tried to avoid eating them.

The Fried Herbal Chicken was very fragrant and crusty outside. We could taste different herbs used in the seasoning. It did get a bit salty the more pieces of chicken we ate. A small matter to overlook since it was so tasty.

The Thai Milk Tea came with a lot of ice and a good reason for that as it was on the sweet side. I added some water to lessen the sweetness. The Thai Milk Tea has a nice tea fragrant too.


Red Tom Yum Seafood Glass Noodle Soup

The Red Tom Yum soup was of the Southern Thai style with coconut milk.  The soup was sour and savoury, packed full of flavours with a slight hint of coconut milk. The more we drank the soup, the more shiok (satisfying) and appetising it got.

Mum said the prawns were very fresh. Sotong (squid) pieces were quite small but at least it wasn’t overcooked and rubbery. The fish pieces were big and the bite was firm. I found out that they used Dory and Mum said it was probably good quality Dory fish. The texture was different from Sutchi, a frequent substitute fish for Dory. There was only 1 straw mushroom and I wished they gave a few more pieces. Underneath all that were a lot of Glass Noodle. The soup was so good, I almost finished it without a thought if I was going to get thirsty from drinking so much of it.


Royal Green Chicken Curry with Jasmine Rice

The Green Curry was very lemak (thick and creamy) and seasoned just right. The curry gravy was quite nice to drink as it wasn’t too salty or too sweet. The colour of the green curry looked quite pleasant as well. (We ever ate green curry, from other restaurants, that had a really weird artificial green colour.) Basil Thai Kitchen’s Green Curry seemed to have never ending pieces of chicken and we could taste they used fresh chicken.

The jasmine rice portion was a little small and was served with half a hard-boiled egg. Mum asked if we could order more rice but I told her let’s not overeat as we were going to have early dinner at Le Shrimp Ramen later that day. (Le Shrimp Ramen is located just across from Basil Thai Kitchen in Paragon Basement 1).

This was easily one of the best Green Chicken Curry we had outside (Mum makes very good Green Curry Chicken too!)



We paid a total of S$32.72 (inclusive of service charge and GST) for 2 Thai-licious Weekday Mix & Match lunch set and a Thai Iced Milk Tea. Very reasonable prices and totally worth it, considering the mains were full size portions and food was tasty and scrumptious. I didn’t check the prices of the regular ala carte menu at Basil Thai Kitchen. Thus, not able to comment on ala carte dishes.


Final Verdict

Basil Thai Kitchen Dining AreaBasil Thai Kitchen’s food was delicious and got the thumbs up from Mum. What’s best was we didn’t feel thirsty after eating there; a very surprising outcome as Thai food generally makes one thirsty with their seasonings. It was such a good and satisfying lunch.

I was happy to see that Basil Thai Kitchen also employed staff who has some physical challenges but not limited by it. That got another thumbs up from me.

We’re definitely keeping Basil Thai Kitchen in our To-Revisit List.

PS, found out that Basil Thai Kitchen is under the same holding group as ThaiExpress. Food flavours and taste are definitely better at Basil Thai Kitchen. Also, not sure if Basil Thai Kitchen’s Thai-licious Weekday Mix & Match offer is available at other locations as there’s no info on their website.


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