Japan – Ling’s favourite country for holiday


Japan is the only country outside of Singapore where I felt safe moving around and would carry my backpack on my back and not in front. Guess that’s why I picked Japan for long solo trips and my Mum didn’t have to worry too much about me either.

I’ve walked dark alleys, gone hiking alone on nature trails and emerged safe and sound. That’s not to say that we don’t take care and be aware of what’s happening around us. Low crime doesn’t mean no crime. On my solo Japan trips, I’ve also came across other single female travellers.

Japan favourite country holidayA few friends shared their tales of losing handphone, money and luggage in Japan, but they always got them back. I had that experience myself personally twice. Once when I dropped a Wifi Router in the train on the way to the airport. As I had to get on my flight and the train had already left the station, I could only call the Wifi Router company who assisted to liaise with the Train Master to retrieve the router. I gladly paid the USD15 for the delivery to return the Wifi router to the Wifi Router company. On another trip, my travel companion dropped her mobile in the train. We sought help from the Train Master and the phone was returned to her an hour later.


Only in Japan

My friends and I have this saying – “Only in Japan” when some good thing that happened, could only happen because it was Japan.

Only in Japan where one gets wonderful weather, good food, great shopping, nice environment, beautiful scenery and safety for tourists. Only in Japan would lost items get returned with nothing missing.

Above reasons are what made Japan my favourite country to visit where one could experience the best-rounded holiday and return home satisfied. My family and friends feel that way too.

Here’s hoping that Japan will become your favourite country for holiday too!


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