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201503 Tokyo-Izu Peninsula Road Trip Day 6

201503 Tokyo-Izu Trip Day 6 (Izu Peninsula Road Trip Day 2) – 30 Mar 2015, Monday

We woke up bright and early on 30 Mar 2015 (Monday) and had breakfast at Hotel Izu Kogen Monogatari before we checked out. Our morning plan was to visit Izu Peninsula Jogasaki Coast and do a small hike if possible. It was a short drive to Jogasaki Coast and I was getting more used to the driving.


Jogasaki Coast

What a beautiful day we had, blue skies, blue waters, everything sparkling in the sun. Jogasaki Coast is part of Izu Peninsula Geopark and the scenery was absolutely stunning. Izu Peninsula Geopark, a UNESCO site, was created by the lava flows when Omuroyama volcano erupted over the past millions of years.

Every corner was a photography opportunity. It was nature at its best. We were enjoying every part of Jogasaki Coast – the clear sea, the breeze, the views, the trees, the rock, the waves. It was quite amazing that we could see the bedrocks through the clear sea waters even from such a height. We were just drinking everything in.

We didn’t climb up Kadowaki Lighthouse (free access); the view from there would probably be out of this world. On a clear day, it would be possible to see Oshima Island from Kadowaki Lighthouse.

Kadowaki Suspension Bridge

Kadowaki Suspension Bridge is a popular spot at Jogasaki Coast. There were many people crowding around Kadowaki Suspension Bridge for photos.

As we went early, the crowd on the suspension bridge was still thin and the bridge didn’t bounce that much. Many people were also climbing over the rock formations and we spotted 2 kids playing among the rocks.

Jogasaki Hiking Course

As we had a full day of places to visit, we chose to do the northern and shorter section of the hiking trail. The more popular hiking course was the Picnical Course south of the Kadowaki Suspension Bridge. It was a very enjoyable walk as we took in the sights and relaxed with the beautiful nature all around. The weather and temperature were just nice for the hike.

When we reached the end of the hiking trail, we wondered if we should hike the same way back to our car. Fortunately we discovered we could walk along the main road to the parking lot. We bid farewell to Jogasaki Coast and drove towards our next stop.


Snack Stop

Along the drive, we came across a roadside stall next to a Mikan Farm. There was a row of Cherry Blossoms by the stall and a beautiful Magnolia tree.

We decided to stop for a break and bought a baked sweet potato to share. The baked sweet potato was one of the best we ever had; it was like honey candy. There were chickens and ducks around the farm, and we fed the ducks with the sweet potato skin. (I wonder why we didn’t buy any mikans to try then? 🤔)

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